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Dire Straits ‎"Dire Straits" (LP)

A1Down To The Waterline4:01A2Water Of Love5:27A3Setting Me Up3:20A4Six Blade Knife4:12A5Southbound A..

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Jon Bon Jovi ‎"Blaze Of Glory" (LP)

A1Billy Get Your Guns4:48A2Miracle5:08A3Blaze Of Glory5:44A4Blood Money2:34A5Santa Fe5:40B1Justice I..

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Kraftwerk ‎"Autobahn" (LP)

AAutobahn22:30B1Kometenmelodie 16:20B2Kometenmelodie 25:44B3Mitternacht4:40B4Morgenspaziergang4:00..

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Dire Straits ‎"Live At The BBC" (CD)

1Down To The Waterline4:102Six Blade Knife3:473Water Of Love5:294Wild West End5:125Sultans Of Swing6..

4.95€ Sin Iva: 4.95€

Black Sabbath "Mob Rules" (LP)

A1Turn Up The NightA2VoodooA3The Sign Of The Southern CrossA4E 5150A5The Mob RulesB1Country GirlB2Sl..

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Dire Straits ‎"On Every Street" (LP)

A1Calling Elvis6:27A2On Every Street5:04A3When It Comes To You5:01A4Fade To Black3:50A5The Bug4:16A6..

9.95€ Sin Iva: 9.95€

Dire Straits ‎"Alchemy - Dire Straits Live" (2xCD - Box Set)*

1-1Once Upon A Time In The West13:001-2Expresso Love5:361-3Romeo And Juliet8:161-4Love Over Gold3:27..

7.95€ Sin Iva: 7.95€

Status Quo ‎"Just Supposin'..." (LP)

A1What You're Proposing4:16A2Run To Mummy3:10A3Don't Drive My Car4:37A4Lies4:00A5Over The Edge4:32B1..

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The Prodigy ‎"Invaders Must Die" (CD)

1Invaders Must Die4:552Omen3:363Thunder4:094Colours3:275Take Me To The Hospital3:406Warrior's Dance5..

9.95€ Sin Iva: 9.95€

Four Weddings And A Funeral (CD)

1 –Wet Wet Wet - Love Is All Around 3:59 2 –Elton John - But Not For Me 2:59  3 –Barry ..

4.95€ Sin Iva: 4.95€

Status Quo ‎"Rocking All Over The Years" (CD)

01 Pictures Of Matchstick Men 3:07 02 Ice In The Sun 2:00 03 Paper Plane 2:51 04 Caroline..

6.95€ Sin Iva: 6.95€

The Notting Hillbillies "Missing... Presumed Having A Good Time" (CD)

1Railroad Worksong5:272Bewildered2:353Your Own Sweet Way4:304Run Me Down2:235One Way Gal3:086Blues S..

6.95€ Sin Iva: 6.95€

Lana Del Rey "Born To Die" (LP - Gatefold)

A1Born To DieA2Off To The RacesA3Blue JeansA4Video GamesA5Diet Mountain DewA6National AnthemB1Dark P..

25.95€ Sin Iva: 25.95€

Dire Straits "Brothers in Arms" (2xLP, 45 RPM, Half-Speed Mastered)

A1 So Far Away A2 Money For Nothing B1 Walk Of Life B2 Your Latest Trick C1 Why Worry C2 R..

34.95€ Sin Iva: 34.95€

Status Quo ‎"On The Level" (LP - Gatefold)

A1 Little Lady 3:05 A2 Most Of The Time 3:21 A3 I Saw The Light 3:55 A4 Over And Done..

8.95€ Sin Iva: 8.95€

Nazareth "Close Enough For Rock 'N' RollL" (LP)

Telegram(7:11)A1aPart 1: On Your WayA1bPart 2: So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll StarA1cPart 3: Soun..

6.95€ Sin Iva: 6.95€

Metallica With Michael Kamen Conducting The San Francisco Symphony Orchestra ‎"S&M" (2xCD)

1-1The Ecstasy Of Gold2:301-2The Call Of Ktulu9:341-3Master Of Puppets8:541-4Of Wolf And Man4:181-5T..

45.95€ Sin Iva: 45.95€

Mark Knopfler ‎"Music By Mark Knopfler From The Film Cal" (CD)

1 Irish Boy 3:55 2 The Road 2:08 3 Waiting For Her 0:38 4 Irish Love 2:24  5 ..

5.95€ Sin Iva: 5.95€

Mark Knopfler ‎"Golden Heart" (CD)

1 Darling Pretty 4:31 2 Imelda 5:26  3 Golden Heart 5:01 4 No Can Do 4:54 5 Vic A..

5.95€ Sin Iva: 5.95€

Dire Straits ‎"On Every Street" (CD)

1 Calling Elvis 6:27 2 On Every Street 5:04 3 When It Comes To You 5:01 4 Fade To Bla..

5.95€ Sin Iva: 5.95€

Texas ‎"Ricks Road" (CD)

1 So Called Friend  2 Fade Away  3 Listen To Me Strings  4 You Owe It All To ..

3.95€ Sin Iva: 3.95€

Status Quo ‎"Dreamin'" (12")

A1 Dreamin' (Wet Mix) A2 Long-Legged Girls B Quo Christmas Cake Mix DJ Mix B (a) The Wandere..

10.95€ Sin Iva: 10.95€

Earth And Fire ‎– Reality Fills Fantasy" (LP)

A1 People Come, People Go 11:11A1a First Movement A1b Second Movement A1c Third Movement A2 Fire Of ..

4.95€ Sin Iva: 4.95€

Flame Dream ‎"Supervision" (LP)

A1 Blackmail 4:38A2 Dancing Into Daylight 2:12A3 Supervision 5:18A4 Signs Of Solitude 4:05A5 Tragedy..

8.95€ Sin Iva: 8.95€

Status Quo ‎"Ain't Complaining" (12")

A Ain't Complaining (Extended Version) 6:33B1 That's Alright 3:30B2 Lean Machine 3:35 ..

3.95€ Sin Iva: 3.95€

Genesis "Genesis" (LP)

A1 Mama 6:47A2 That's All 4:24A3 Home By The Sea 5:07A4 Second Home By The Sea 6:08B1 Illegal Alien ..

5.95€ Sin Iva: 5.95€

Thin Lizzy ‎ "Thunder And Lightning "(CD)

1 Thunder And Lightning 2 This Is The One 3 The Sun Goes Down 4 The Holy War 5 C..

6.95€ Sin Iva: 6.95€

Thin Lizzy ‎ "Nightlife"(CD)

1 She Knows 2 Night Life 3 It's Only Money 4 Still In Love With You 5 Frankie Ca..

8.95€ Sin Iva: 8.95€

Dire Straits"Brothers In Arms" (2xLP - 180g - Remastered)

A1 So Far Away  A2 Money For Nothing B1 Walk Of Life B2 Your..

29.95€ Sin Iva: 29.95€

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