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MLO ‎"New Generation" (12") New

MLO ‎"New Generation" (12")

A1New Generation (Mission Accomplished Mix)5:15A2New Generation (01:01:01 Mix)9:44B1New Generation (..

2.95€ Sin Iva: 2.95€

The Crystal Method ‎"Busy Child" (12") New

The Crystal Method ‎"Busy Child" (12")

A1Busy Child (Vegas Version)7:28A2Busy Child (Uberzone Mix)6:29B1Busy Child (Taylor's Hope For Evolu..

10.95€ Sin Iva: 10.95€

Babylon Zoo ‎"Animal Army" (12")

AAnimal Army (Arthur Plays With Animals)10:47B1Spaceman (Kiss Mix - Remixed By Sunrise)7:04B2Spacema..

1.95€ Sin Iva: 1.95€

The Beatmasters ‎"Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" (12")

ABoulevard Of Broken Dreams5:18B1Night In Acton4:46B2Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (Freebop Mix)5:29..

3.95€ Sin Iva: 3.95€

Happy Tunes / Midas ‎"Rushin' On Pink Champagne / Imperial March (Star Wars Mix)" (12")

A–Happy TunesRushin' On Pink Champagne6:17AA–MidasImperial March (Star Wars Mix)5:56..

24.95€ Sin Iva: 24.95€

Descent ‎"Virtual" (12")

AVirtual (Piece Process Remix)BVirtual (Original)..

6.95€ Sin Iva: 6.95€

Eq-Lazer ‎"The Heart Break" (12")

A1The Heart Break (Rough Take)5:17A2The Heart Break (Female Version)5:20B1The Heart Break (Crystalli..

4.95€ Sin Iva: 4.95€

T99 ‎"Gardiac" (12")

A1Gardiac (Extended Version)4:50A2Revenge Of The Gardian4:50B1Catwalk2:42B2Taj Namahaal3:45..

2.95€ Sin Iva: 2.95€

Trafik / Steiger ‎"Jonathan Lisle OS_0.2 LP1" (12")

PositionArtistsTitle/CreditsDurationA–TrafikSurrender (Habersham + Blake Potter Remix)9:03AA–Steiger..

2.95€ Sin Iva: 2.95€

Chris Dee ‎"Ultrasound" (12")

PositionTitle/CreditsDurationA1Ultrasound (Ben Shaw Remix)AA1Ultrasound (Original Mix)..

2.95€ Sin Iva: 2.95€

Vix ‎"Keep On Believing" (12")

PositionTitle/CreditsDurationA1Keep On Believing5:59B1Keep On Believing (Vapour Mix)6:02B2Keep On Be..

2.95€ Sin Iva: 2.95€

Sublime ‎"Fight The Feeling" (12")

PositionTitle/CreditsDurationAFight The Feeling8:40B1Fight The Feeling6:20B2Fight The Feeling7:16..

2.95€ Sin Iva: 2.95€

The Night Writers "Let The Music Use You" (12")

ALet The Music Use You (92 Hardcore Remix)7:31AA1Let The Music Use You (Original Club Mix)8:10AA2Let..

15.95€ Sin Iva: 15.95€

Moby ‎"Move - The E.P." (12")

A1Move (You Make Me Feel So Good)3:39A2Morning Dove6:14B1All That I Need Is To Be Loved7:09B2Unloved..

7.95€ Sin Iva: 7.95€

Sequencial ‎"Big Boom!" (12")

A1Big Boom! (Crowdy Club Mix)5:08A2Big Boom! (Instrumental Ghost Mix)5:33B1The Habbit (JPB's Mix)5:0..

4.95€ Sin Iva: 4.95€

Rebel MC Feat. Tenor Fly ‎"The Wickedest Sound" (12")

AThe Wickedest Sound (Don Gorgon Mix)B1The Wickedest Sound (Soundclash Mix)B2The Wickedest Sound (In..

9.95€ Sin Iva: 9.95€

Lust ‎"Music Of The Future" (12")

A1Music Of The Future (Skin Up's E-Sensual Mix)A2Music Of The Future (Egor's 6AM G-Spot)BMusic Of Th..

2.95€ Sin Iva: 2.95€

Afrika Bambaataa Feat. Adamski ‎"Hell Below" (12")

A1Hell Below (Too Hot For Flames)6:25A2Hell Below (Hard Hell)5:48B1Hell Below (Techno Trance)5:22B2H..

2.95€ Sin Iva: 2.95€

N-Joi ‎"Live In Manchester" (12")

ALive In Manchester (Part One)13:47BLive In Manchester (Part Two)15:00..

7.95€ Sin Iva: 7.95€

D.J. Kapace ‎"Workin' Into The Rhythm" (12")

A1Workin' Into The Rhythm (Bomber Mix)3:20A2Workin' Into The Rhythm (The One Hardcore Mix)5:03B1Work..

1.95€ Sin Iva: 1.95€

2 Fabiola ‎"The Milkyway (Remixes)" (12")

A1The Milkyway (Mindblowremix)5:10B1The Milkyway4:00B2The Milkyway Story4:40..

4.95€ Sin Iva: 4.95€

Just 4 U Volume 2 (12")

A1–Happy RollersOn A RollA2–The TimespanHold Me Passionately (Just 4 U Mix)B1–DJ Vinyl Groover + C. ..

7.95€ Sin Iva: 7.95€

Fatboy Slim ‎"Going Out Of My Head" (12")

Other SideA1Going Out Of My Head5:15A2Michael Jackson5:48This SideAANext To Nothing7:16..

9.95€ Sin Iva: 9.95€

Fatboy Slim ‎"Everybody Needs A 303" (12")

a1Everybody Needs A 303 (Original 12" Mix)5:52a2Everybody Loves A Carnival5:51aa1Everybody Loves A F..

9.95€ Sin Iva: 9.95€

Mad Doctor X ‎"Real Heavy Science" (10")

AReal Heavy ScienceBIntergalactic Throwdown..

7.95€ Sin Iva: 7.95€

Lifelike "Like Life" (12")

ALike LifeB1Another WorldB2Hard Life..

7.95€ Sin Iva: 7.95€

Contemplation (12")

A1–Josh OneContemplation (Album Version)3:57A2–Josh OneContemplation (King Britt Funke Mix)10:08B1–A..

4.95€ Sin Iva: 4.95€

Vic The Kid ‎"Te La Corta!! She'll Cut It Off!!" (12")

ATe La Corta!! She'll Cut It Off!! (Get Together Mix)3:50B1Te La Corta!! She'll Cut It Off!! (El Mac..

13.95€ Sin Iva: 13.95€

Beats By Dope Demand No. 5 (3x12")

A1–Naked FunkAlone With You6:30A2–KushJunc5:38B1–JazzanovaKonklave8:21B2–Sir DrewBiofeedback5:46C1–S..

29.95€ Sin Iva: 29.95€

Beats By Dope Demand Three (3x12")

A1–ToscaFuckdub Parts 1&2A2–Bud BongoOrgan Grinder (Grind Down Mix)A3–HeadrillazMonsoonB1–Monk &..

17.95€ Sin Iva: 17.95€

This Is Latinamyl (3x12")

A1–Elite ForceSpiritoB1–Mr. Dan48 Margarita ShuffleB2–SubtropicForget Me NotC1–The Peanut VendorRefr..

22.95€ Sin Iva: 22.95€

Eon ‎"Basket Case" (12")

ABasket Case (White Coat Mix)5:45B1Basket Case (Black Coat Mix)4:10B2Basket Case (Mr Raucous Rides A..

7.95€ Sin Iva: 7.95€

Lo-Fidelity Allstars ‎"Disco Machine Gun" (12")

ADisco Machine GunAA1Disco Machine Gun (Many Tentacles Pimping On The Keys)AA2Puppy Phat, Number One..

3.95€ Sin Iva: 3.95€

Leftfield / Lydon "Open Up" (12")

AOpen Up (Full Vocal Mix)8:48BOpen Up (Dervish Overdrive)13:39..

7.95€ Sin Iva: 7.95€

Kerosene ‎"Hell's Angel" (12")

A1It's Going On Me6:48A2The Badest5:32B1Hell's Angel5:30B2The Duel6:00..

5.95€ Sin Iva: 5.95€

Kosmas Epsilon ‎"All Is Heaven" (2x12")

AAll Is HeavenBOut Of HandCPlaygroundD1SnorkelD2All Is Heaven (Ambient Reprise) ..

6.95€ Sin Iva: 6.95€

Pail ‎"Bei Finsterdem Tagesanbruch" (12")

A1Bei Finsterdem TagesanbruchA2Like A TideB1RuinsB2Intruders..

9.95€ Sin Iva: 9.95€

Big Audio Dynamite "Just Play Music!" (12")

AJust Play Music (Extended Mix)8:08BMuch Worse (Extended Mix)6:45..

3.95€ Sin Iva: 3.95€

Construction Crew ‎"Break The Beat (12")

ABreak The Beat (The Massive Mix)5:32B1Break The Beat (That Noise Mix)4:42B2Sample Me1:06..

2.95€ Sin Iva: 2.95€

DJ Edge ‎"1" (12")

A  Compnded B  Compnded (Krafty Kuts Re-kut) ..

69.95€ Sin Iva: 69.95€

D.O.S.E Featuring Mark E Smith ‎"Plug Myself In (The Swallow It Mixes)" (12")

A1Plug Myself In (Missing Link - Symphonic Mix)7:20A2Plug Myself In (3 Over 3 - Patients Mix)5:35B1P..

4.95€ Sin Iva: 4.95€

Ninety Nine Allstars "Metal Can Collection" (4x12" - Metal Box)

ASoakin' Wet (T-Total Remix)BLuv Daddy (PF Project's 'Acid Funk' Mix)CSoakin' Wet (Steve Thomas Trad..

19.95€ Sin Iva: 19.95€

Bar 001 (12")

A –Unknown Artist I Have A Dream B1 –Unknown Artist Set You Free  B2 –DeiBeat You Belong ..

11.95€ Sin Iva: 11.95€

DJ Dead ‎"Dead 02" (12")

A Zanarkand (DJ Dead Remix) B1  ..

19.95€ Sin Iva: 19.95€

Weinx ‎"Listen To Your Mind" (12")

A.Listen To Your Mind    B.   Vital Escense  ..

8.95€ Sin Iva: 8.95€

Baymont Bross ‎"Baymont Bross" (12")

A  Pro-Funk-Man   B  One More Time  ..

13.95€ Sin Iva: 13.95€

Bar 002 (12")

A1 –DJ Infiniti Right Now B1 –Baymont Bross Baymont Bross B2 –Harry Lime Devastate ..

12.95€ Sin Iva: 12.95€

Rave Tunes Vol.3 (12")

A1 –Armin - Communication Part2 (Electromix) A2 –DJ Hero - Just Blow  B1 –D-Bass - Show..

14.95€ Sin Iva: 14.95€

Arkarna ‎"House On Fire" (12")

A House On Fire (Propellerheads Mix) 6:00 B House On Fire (Andy Ling's Aryan Vox) 12:15 ..

5.95€ Sin Iva: 5.95€

Propellerheads / David Arnold ‎"On Her Majesty's Secret Service" (12")

A On Her Majesty's Secret Service B On Her Majesty's Secret Service (Orchapella Version)..

5.95€ Sin Iva: 5.95€

Headcharge ‎"Girls In The Club" (12")

A Girls In The Club (JDS Remix) B Girls In The Club (Paaaaradox Remix) ..

4.95€ Sin Iva: 4.95€

Deejay Punk-Roc ‎"One More Bump" (12")

A One More Bump (Original)  B One More Bump (S-Man's Lo-Fi Club Mix) C One More Bump (..

7.95€ Sin Iva: 7.95€

Hyper "My World" (12")

A My World (Hamilton Remix) B My World (iLL Audio Remix) ..

5.95€ Sin Iva: 5.95€

UB40, 808 State "One In Ten" (12")

A One In Ten (UB40 Vocal) 4:00 B One In Ten (UB40 Instrumental) 5:00 ..

4.95€ Sin Iva: 4.95€

808 State vs UB40 "One In Ten" (12")

A One In Ten (808 Original Mix) 4:16 B1 One In Ten (Fast Fon Mix) 3:58 B2 One In Ten (80..

4.95€ Sin Iva: 4.95€

Enzyme & Malice / Mulder "No More Tears / Devil Inside" (12")

A –Enzyme & Malice - No More Tears  AA –Mulder - Devil Inside ..

8.95€ Sin Iva: 8.95€

Dance Rocks LP Sampler Part 2" (12")

A1 –Backdraft - Don't Stop  B1 –Kasabian - Club Foot (Eddy™ Losers Remix) B2 –Atomic H..

6.95€ Sin Iva: 6.95€

The Prodigy "Poison" (12", Promo)

A1 Poison (95 EQ) 6:12  A2 Rat Poison 5:29  AA1 Scienide 5:48  AA2 P..

18.95€ Sin Iva: 18.95€

Flicker Noise ‎"Crucial Fiction EP" (12")

A1 Mirrorman 3:20  A2 Obsession 6:07  B1 Mirrorman (Synchomesh Remix) 7:21 B2 Mir..

7.95€ Sin Iva: 7.95€

Propellerheads Featuring Miss Shirley Bassey "History Repeating" (12")

A History Repeating (Ankle Length Mix)  B1 History Repeating (Hip Length Mix)  B2 Hist..

7.95€ Sin Iva: 7.95€

Rave Tunes Vol.2 (12")

A1 –Envelope Electronic Love (Extended Mix)  A2 –Kid Unknown Nightmare  B1 –Yves Deru..

14.95€ Sin Iva: 14.95€

Rave Tunes Vol.1 (12")

A1 –DJ Solo - Axis  A2 –Eat Life - Bach To Basics  B1 –Mix Factory - Take Me Away (Par..

14.95€ Sin Iva: 14.95€

Enduro ‎"Global Greed" (12")

A Global Greed  B Global Greed (Sofa Surfers Remix) ..

6.95€ Sin Iva: 6.95€

Danmass ‎"Form Freaks" (3x12")

A1 Time Stand A2 Bird Double B FormFreak Double C1 Gotta Learn Scratches C2 R..

10.95€ Sin Iva: 10.95€

DJ Kool Meets Crooklyn Clan ‎"Here We Go Now"(12")

A Here We Go Now (Magnum Force Remix) B1 Here We Go Now  B2 Here We Go Now (Davey Dex Rem..

8.95€ Sin Iva: 8.95€

Leftfield . Bambaataa "Afrika Shox" (2x10”)

A Afrika Shox 5:41  B Phat Planet (Dave Clarke Remix) 5:52  C Afrika Shox (VW Re..

18.95€ Sin Iva: 18.95€

N.R.G. ‎"He Never Lost His Hardcore (The '99 Remixes)" (2x12")

A1 He Never Lost His Hardcore (Tanith's Hardcore Mix) 5:40 A2 He Never Lost His Hardcore (N.R..

13.95€ Sin Iva: 13.95€

Jem 77 ‎"Never Felt This Way" (12")

A1 Never Felt This Way (Original)  B1 Never Felt This Way (Remix)  B2 Never Felt This W..

89.95€ Sin Iva: 89.95€

Re-Animator "Return To E" (12")

A Return To E  B1 Return To E (Horsepower Productions Mix) B2 Soundbwoy ..

23.95€ Sin Iva: 23.95€

Maximum Force Feat. Samantha Cooke ‎"I Feel For You" (12")

A I Feel For You (Vocal)  B I Feel For You (Instrumental) ..

7.95€ Sin Iva: 7.95€

East Coast Boogiemen ‎"Marrying Janie" (12")

A Marrying Janie (Original) 7:37 B Marrying Janie (Smitty & Davenport Remix) 6:05 ..

3.95€ Sin Iva: 3.95€

The Madd Scientist ‎"Trails From The Lab" (12")*

A1 Speed A2 Liquid Headstach B1 Congocane B2 Amphetamine Dilusion *Vinilo con ma..

24.95€ Sin Iva: 24.95€

Alien Factory ‎"Anytime, Anyplace" (12")

A1 Anytime, Anyplace (Opera Edit)  A2 Anytime, Anyplace (Original Edit)  B1 Meltdown (Cl..

6.95€ Sin Iva: 6.95€

Ultimix 106 (2x12")

A1 –Jessica Simpson - Take My Breath Away (Edit By Mark Roberts - Eddie Baez Remix) 5:14 A2 –De..

17.95€ Sin Iva: 17.95€

Genaside II ‎"Mr. Maniac" (2x12")

A1 Mr. Maniac  A2 FX  B Mr. Maniac (DJ Zinc Mix) C Mr. Maniac (Dylan's Droppin' S..

5.95€ Sin Iva: 5.95€

303 "Hit The Bass Key" (12")

A1 Hit The Bass Key  A2 Untitled  B1 Untitled  B2 Untitled ..

39.95€ Sin Iva: 39.95€

Big Muff ‎"Pornstar" (12")

A Pornstar (Big C From Groove Armada Remix)  B Pornstar (Original Version) ..

3.95€ Sin Iva: 3.95€

Space Raiders ‎"Laid Back" (12")

A1 Laid Back  AA1 Laid Back (Indiangeneralsan Mix) AA2 Laid Back (Lady killaz Mix)&nbs..

4.95€ Sin Iva: 4.95€

Dirty Beatniks ‎"Whores, Freaks, Saints And Angels" (12")

A1 Whores, Freaks, Saints And Angels A2 Whores, Freaks, Saints And Angels (Circulation Remix) ..

2.95€ Sin Iva: 2.95€

New Beat Mania (LP)

A1 – 101 Rock To The Beat A2 – Dirty Harry D'Bop A3 – Agaric I Am Gonna Beat Dis A4 – ..

8.95€ Sin Iva: 8.95€

Electric Boogie Men "Breakdancing" (12")

A Breakdancing B Baby Can You Dance All Night..

1.95€ Sin Iva: 1.95€

Headrillaz ‎"The Right Way" (12")

A1 The Right Way (12'' Edit) B1 The Right Way ('Drillaz Scapula Remix) B2 The Right Way (Dept..

4.95€ Sin Iva: 4.95€

Tittsworth ‎"WTF (2009 Remixes)" (12")

A WTF (Crissy Criss Remix)  B WTF (Deekline & Tim Healey VIP House Remix) ..

4.95€ Sin Iva: 4.95€

X-Generation "Destiny" (12")

A1 Destiny (Extended Dream) A2 Destiny (Instrumental Dream) B1 Destiny (Extended Edit) B2 Des..

8.95€ Sin Iva: 8.95€

Terra W.A.N. ‎"Soca House" (12")

A Soca House (Bus Remix) B1 Soca House (69 Degrees Mix) B2 Soca House (Bus Single)*Portada ..

2.95€ Sin Iva: 2.95€

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