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Cocoon Compilation T (6x12" - ed. Limitada - Box Set)

1–Stephen BrownLevel Steps2–Claude VonStrokeMoody Fuse3–Denis HorvatMonomono4–Daniel AveryYour Futur..

124.95€ Sin Iva: 124.95€

Kavinsky ‎"Outrun" (LP)

A1PreludeA2BlizzardA3PhotoVisionA4Odd LookA5RampageA6SuburbiaA7Testarossa AutodriveB1NightcallB2Dead..

21.95€ Sin Iva: 21.95€

Trance Legacy (2xLP)

A1–Armin van BuurenCommunicationA2–Binary Finary1998 (Paul Van Dyk Remix)A3–The ThrillseekersSynaest..

31.95€ Sin Iva: 31.95€

Bicep ‎"Isles" (2xLP - Gatefold)


26.95€ Sin Iva: 26.95€

Ole Mic Odd ‎"Acid Bass In Outer Space" (12")

A1Microchronic DreamsA2Acid Bass In Outer SpaceA3ShimmerB1Access OverdriveB2Crater LakeB3Depthcharge..

9.95€ Sin Iva: 9.95€

Calvin Harris ‎"18 Months" (2xLP - Gatefold)

A1Green Valley1:45A2Bounce (Extended Mix)5:50A3Feel So Close (Extended Mix)5:25A4We Found Love3:30B1..

22.95€ Sin Iva: 22.95€

Vitalic ‎"Dissidænce (Episode 2)" (LP - 180g)

A1SirensA2Dancing In The StreetA3Friends & FoesA4The VoidB1The Light Is A TrainB2MarchingB3Winte..

28.95€ Sin Iva: 28.95€

Adrian Foulkes ‎"Parenthesis" (LP - 180g - ed. Limitada - color Transparemte)

1Mutate4:042Slowmotion3:093Catch fire5:104No return4:205Parenthesis4:326Vortex4:257Ipso facto4:178Ho..

17.95€ Sin Iva: 17.95€

Bromo "No signal" (LP - 180g - ed. Especial)*

1Copuos2:242Helium 33:523No signal4:484Golden race4:415No gravity4:386Military space6:577Radiation5:..

16.95€ Sin Iva: 16.95€

Dave Lee ‎"Produced With Love II" (3x12")

A1 –Dave & Omar    Starlight 6:45A2 –Jayenne Feat Gina Carey  &nbs..

29.95€ Sin Iva: 29.95€

Jeff Mills ‎"Mind Power Mind Control" (2x12")

A1Crossing The Threshold1:26A2Scarlet5:57A3Vibrant Sanguine5:30BHatsumi10:31C1Vermillion7:35C2Horizo..

28.95€ Sin Iva: 28.95€

Skygaze ‎"Astral Trip" (12" EP)

A1Night HeatA2Gimme FiveA3WagwanB1Minor MoodB2City Cathedratics..

12.95€ Sin Iva: 12.95€

Daft Punk ‎"TRON: Legacy Reconfigured" (2xLP - Gatefold)

A1–Daft Punk & The Glitch MobDerezzed (Remixed By The Glitch Mob)4:22A2–Daft Punk & M83, Big..

32.95€ Sin Iva: 32.95€

TSHA ‎"Fabric Presents TSHA" (2xLP - color Amarillo)

A1–TSHABoyzA2–Granary 12MancmaniaA3–Stefan Seay Ft. WillyouarenotAcid Kiss (Mood Mix)B1–ConnySong Fo..

29.95€ Sin Iva: 29.95€

ITPDWIP ‎"Industry 4.0" (12")

A1Chase 2 (Den Haag S Cooler Version)4:39A2Data Marketplace3:05A3IoT Based Drone Street Guide3:07A4I..

9.95€ Sin Iva: 9.95€

Mr Nô ‎"Versus" (12")


6.95€ Sin Iva: 6.95€

Siren "A/Way" (12")

A1 - A/Way B1 - A/Way (Faze Action Remix) ..

8.95€ Sin Iva: 8.95€

Pete Dafeet ‎"Wife" (12")

A1WifeB1Wife (Nacho Marco Remix)B2The Root, The Soul..

9.95€ Sin Iva: 9.95€

Jonny Cade ‎"Atrocious Focus" (12")

A1 - Make me wait A2 - Love baby B1 - Love baby (Oli Furness’ Baby Baby remix) ..

6.45€ Sin Iva: 6.45€

St Germain ‎"St Germain" (2xLP - 180g)

A1Real Blues5:16A2Sittin' Here6:21B1Hanky-Panky7:05B2Voilà6:35C1Family Tree7:54C2How Dare You6:46D1M..

29.95€ Sin Iva: 29.95€

Visonia ‎"Claroscuro" (12" - color Azul Transparente)

A1The Brain Plays With Me3:32A2Claroscuro4:23A3Don’t Trust In The First Whispers3:08B1Who Will Enter..

18.95€ Sin Iva: 18.95€

Antonio "Aquática" (12" - ed. Limitada - White Label)

1Never Ending Dreams6:032Too Many Trouble In This System4:4931.3.1.2 The Never Ending Troubles5:064A..

9.95€ Sin Iva: 9.95€

Moderat ‎"MORE D4TA" (LP)

A1Fast Land5:08A2Easy Prey4:27A3Drum Glow4:46A4Neon Rats7:32A5Soft Edit1:26B1Numb Bell5:24B2Undo Red..

21.95€ Sin Iva: 21.95€

Moderat ‎"MORE D4TA" (LP - 180g - Deluxe Edition)

A1Fast Land5:08A2Easy Prey4:27A3Drum Glow4:46A4Neon Rats7:32A5Soft Edit1:26B1Numb Bell5:24B2Undo Red..

25.95€ Sin Iva: 25.95€

Moby ‎"Everything Is Wrong" (LP - 180g)

A1HymnA2Feeling So RealA3All That I Need Is To Be LovedA4Let's Go FreeA5Everytime You Touch MeA6Brin..

20.95€ Sin Iva: 20.95€

Faithless ‎"Reverence" (2xLP - 180g - Gatefold)

A1ReverenceA2Don't LeaveB1Salva MeaB2If Lovin' You Is WrongC1AngelineC2InsomniaC3Dirty Ol' ManD1Flow..

23.95€ Sin Iva: 23.95€

About:Berlin Best Of 10 Years (4xLP)

A1–Klangkarussell Feat. Will HeardSonnentanz (Sun Don't Shine)3:41A2–Paul Kalkbrenner & Fritz Ka..

34.95€ Sin Iva: 34.95€

Sven Väth ‎"Catharsis" (3xLP - Gatefold)

A1What I Used To PlayA2The WormB1CatharsisB2The Inner VoiceC1Mystic VoicesC2NyxD1ButohD2FeiernE1We A..

38.95€ Sin Iva: 38.95€

Soft Cell ‎"Tainted Love" (LP - Vinilo Color Purpura)

A1–Soft Cell - Tainted Love (2021 Mix) A2–Soft Cell - Tainted Love (Instrumental)&nbs..

29.95€ Sin Iva: 29.95€

Gigi D'Agostino ‎"The Riddle" (12" - ed. Limitada - color Verde)

A1The Riddle (Video Mix)3:24A2The Riddle (Single Cut)3:20A3The Riddle (Original Mix)4:43B1The Riddle..

15.95€ Sin Iva: 15.95€

Basement Jaxx ‎"The Singles" (2xLP - Gatefold - colores Azul + Amarillo)

A1Red Alert3:37A2Good Luck3:31A3Romeo3:26A4Oh My Gosh3:56B1Bingo Bango3:47B2Where's Your Head At3:59..

29.95€ Sin Iva: 29.95€

Plastikman & Chilly Gonzales "Consumed In Key" (3x12" - color Blanco)

A1Contain (In Key)8:25B1Consume (In Key)11:18B2Passage In (In Key)1:21C1Cor Ten (In Key)6:28C2Ekko (..

35.95€ Sin Iva: 35.95€

Goldfrapp ‎"Felt Mountain" (LP - Gatefold - ed. Limitada - color Dorado)

A1Lovely Head3:49A2Paper Bag4:05A3Human4:36A4Pilots4:29A5Deer Stop4:06B6Felt Mountain4:17B7Oompa Rad..

26.95€ Sin Iva: 26.95€

Kavinsky ‎"Reborn" (2xLP - Gatefold)


35.95€ Sin Iva: 35.95€

Kraftwerk ‎"Remixes" (3xLP - 180g)

A1Non Stop8:32A2Robotronik (Kling Klang Mix)4:54A3Robotnik (Kling Klang Mix)7:43B1Home Computer (202..

47.95€ Sin Iva: 47.95€

Vitalic ‎"OK Cowboy" (2xLP - color Azul)

A1Polkamatic1:52A2Poney Part 15:22A3My Friend Dario3:37B1Wooo3:52B2La Rock 015:25B3The Past4:27C1No ..

34.95€ Sin Iva: 34.95€

Drvg Cvltvre ‎"Dark Omen" (12")

A1Serbian BallerinasA2Dead And GoneB1You Smell Like Cheetos And SadnessB2A Lion Sinister..

9.95€ Sin Iva: 9.95€

Kavinsky ‎"Nightcall" (12")

A1Nightcall4:19A2Pacific Coast Highway6:21B1Nightcall (Dustin N'Guyen Remix)3:34B2Pacific Coast High..

14.95€ Sin Iva: 14.95€

Vitalic ‎"Rave Age" (2xLP - color Morado)

A1Rave Kids Go4:13A2Stamina3:39A3Fade Away4:25B1Under Your Sun4:00B2Vigipirate2:11B3No More Sleep3:4..

35.95€ Sin Iva: 35.95€

Jessy Lanza ‎"DJ-Kicks" (2xLP)

A1 –Jessy Lanza Guess What A2 –Jessy Lanza Seven 55 Featuring – Loraine James A3 –Jessy Lanza We..

28.95€ Sin Iva: 28.95€

DJ Maestro presents Nina Simone ‎"Little Girl Blue" (Remixed) (2xLP - 180g - Gatefold)

A1Plain Gold Ring (Mop Mop Rework)5:34A2My Baby Just Cares For Me (The Reflex Edit)6:35A3Mood Indigo..

31.95€ Sin Iva: 31.95€

Nina Kraviz ‎"Mr Jones" (2x12" - color Transparente)

ADesire12:35B1Mr Jones8:10B2Remember8:45CBlack White9:17D1So Wrong8:51D2Sheer5:25..

29.95€ Sin Iva: 29.95€

Vitalic ‎"Flashmob" (2xLP - color Blanco)

A1See The Sea (Red)A2Poison LipsA3FlashmobB1One Above OneB2StillB3Terminateur BeneluxC1Second LivesC..

27.95€ Sin Iva: 27.95€

Burial ‎"Antidawn EP" (12" EP - 180g)

A1Strange NeighbourhoodA2AntidawnB1Shadow ParadiseB2New LoveB3Upstairs Flat..

22.95€ Sin Iva: 22.95€

Laurent Garnier ‎"Unreasonable Behaviour" (2xLP)

A1Dangerous Drive9:05A2Le Groove De Ta Mère6:20B1Downfall5:39B2The Sound Of The Big Babou7:23B3City ..

29.95€ Sin Iva: 29.95€

Bonobo "Fragments" (2xLP - Edicion De Lujo - Vinilo Transparente - Portada Lenticular) *

1Polyghost2Shadows3Rosewood4Otomo5Tides6From You7Closer8Age Of Phase9Elysian10Counterpart11Sapien12D..

37.95€ Sin Iva: 37.95€

Bonobo "Fragments" (2xLP)

A1PolyghostA2ShadowsA3RosewoodB1OtomoB2TidesB3From youC1CloserC2Age of PhaseC3ElysianD1CounterpartD2..

25.95€ Sin Iva: 25.95€

Buddha-Bar Anniversary Collection (4xLP - DeLuxe Box)

Disc 1 - STEPHANE POMPOUGNAC A1 –Marie Davidson & L'Œil Nu Renegade Breakdown 6:16 A..

57.95€ Sin Iva: 57.95€

David Guetta "Listen" (2xLP - Limited Edition - color Plata)

A1 –David Guetta Dangerous Featuring Sam Martin  3:23 A2 –David Guetta What I Did For Love ..

26.95€ Sin Iva: 26.95€

Disclosure "DJ Kicks" (2xLP)

A1 –Pépe      Recollection A2 –Harry Wolfman     LO..

26.95€ Sin Iva: 26.95€

Todd Terje "It's Album Time" (2x12")

A1Intro (It's Album Time)1:40A2Leisure Suit Preben4:20A3Preben Goes To Acapulco4:38B4Svensk Sås2:44B..

27.95€ Sin Iva: 27.95€

Wink "516 Acid (Remixes)" (12")

A516 Acid (Chicken Lips Acido Ze Boogie Mix)9:12B516 Acid (Ascii.Disko Rework)7:13..

8.95€ Sin Iva: 8.95€

Björk "Debut" (LP)

A1Human Behaviour4:12A2Crying4:49A3Venus As A Boy4:41A4There's More To Life Than This (Recorded Live..

20.95€ Sin Iva: 20.95€

Claptone "Closer" (2xLP - color efecto galaxia)

A1GoldenA2Feel This WayA3My NightA4Fade AwayB1Just A GhostB2Queen Of IceB3Right Into YouB4Make Love ..

29.95€ Sin Iva: 29.95€

Laurent Garnier "The Man With The Red Face" (12")

A1The Man With The Red Face9:15B1The Man With The Red Face (Svek Remix)4:57B2The Man With The Red Fa..

11.95€ Sin Iva: 11.95€

Electribe 101 "Heading For The Night The Frankie Knuckles Mixes" (12")

A1Heading For The Night (Night Over Europe)A2Heading For The Night (Heading For Maddness)B1Heading F..

13.95€ Sin Iva: 13.95€

Frankie Knuckles Presents Director's Cut "The Whistle Song (Cinthie Remix)" (12")

A1The Whistle Song (Cinthie Remix)B1The Whistle Song (Re-Directed)..

15.95€ Sin Iva: 15.95€

Purple Disco Machine "Soulmatic" (2xLP - ed. Limitada - color oro)

A1 –Purple Disco Machine     Music In YouA2 –Purple Disco Machine   ..

39.95€ Sin Iva: 39.95€

Vitalic ‎"Dissidænce (Episode 1)" (LP - 180gr - color blanco + sticker)*

A1Haute DefinitionA2Rave Against The SystemA3Lost TimeA4Danse Avec MoiB1Cosmic RenegadeB214 AMB3Boom..

29.95€ Sin Iva: 29.95€

Joris Voorn ‎"Rotterdam #GU43" (3xLP - Limited Edition - Gatefold - color Rojo+Amarillo+Turquesa)

A1 –Joris Voorn GU43 Ambient Fill  2:15 A2 –Nathan Fake Pentiamonds 5:07 A3 –Christian Bloc..

44.95€ Sin Iva: 44.95€

David Guetta ‎"Just A Little More Love" (2xLP)

A1Just A Little More Love (Elektro Edit)3:20A2Love Don't Let Me Go (Original Edit)3:36A3Give Me Some..

20.95€ Sin Iva: 20.95€

David Guetta ‎"Pop Life" (2xLP)

A1 –David Guetta with Steve Angello Baby When The Lights  3:27 A2 –David Guetta & Chris ..

20.95€ Sin Iva: 20.95€

Burial ‎"Untrue" (2xLP -180g)

A1Untitled1:25A2Archangel4:00A3Near Dark3:54A4Ghost Hardware4:49B1Endorphin3:01B2Etched Headplate5:5..

23.95€ Sin Iva: 23.95€

Purple Disco Machine ‎"Exotica" (2xLP)

A1 – Can't Get Enough 4:20 A2 – At The Disko 4:31 A3 – Fireworks  3:20 A4 – Don't Stop..

27.95€ Sin Iva: 27.95€

Coldcut ‎"What's That Noise?" (LP -180g)

A1People Hold OnA2Fat (Party And Bullshit)A3(I'm) In DeepA4My TelephoneA5Theme From "Reportage"A6Whi..

20.95€ Sin Iva: 20.95€

Armin van Buuren ‎"Imagine" (2xLP - 180g - Gatefold)

A1 –Armin van Buuren Imagine 9:27 A2 –Armin van Buuren With DJ Shah Feat. Chris Jones Going Wrong ..

27.95€ Sin Iva: 27.95€

Bicep ‎"Stash EP" (12")

A1StashA2Courtside DramaB1RiseB2The Game..

11.95€ Sin Iva: 11.95€

Depeche Mode ‎"Ultra - The 12" Singles" (Box - 8x12")

Barrel Of A Gun | 12BONG25 | 19439759431-01A1Barrel Of A Gun5:31A2Barrel Of A Gun (Underworld Hard M..

149.95€ Sin Iva: 149.95€

Serge Gainsbourg ‎"I love Serge (Electronica Gainsbourg)" (2xLP)

A1Ballade De Melody Nelson (Howie B.)7:05A2Là-Bas C'Est Naturel (Faze Action)6:15A3Love On The Beat ..

27.95€ Sin Iva: 27.95€

Jean-Michel Jarre ‎"Welcome To The Other Side - Live In Notre Dame Vr" (LP - Limited Edition - 180g)

A1The Opening3:29A2Oxygene 24:33A3The Architect3:21A4Oxygene 193:48A5Oxygene 82:43A6Zero Gravity4:33..

23.95€ Sin Iva: 23.95€

Rudimental ‎"Ground Control" (2xLP - Limited Edition - Gatefold - color Azulado Transparente)

A1 –Rudimental Feat. Anne-Marie, Tion Wayne Come Over A2 –Rudimental Feat. Kareen Lomax Jumper A3 –R..

32.95€ Sin Iva: 32.95€

Ministry Of Sound (Origins) House (2xLP)

A1 –Frankie Knuckles Feat. Jamie Principle Your Love  6:47 A2 –Steve "Silk" Hurley Jack ..

28.95€ Sin Iva: 28.95€

David Guetta ‎"One Love" (2xLP)

A1 –David Guetta When Love Takes Over Featuring Kelly Rowland 3:12 A2 –David Guetta Gettin' Ove..

23.95€ Sin Iva: 23.95€

David Guetta ‎"Nothing But The Beat" (2xLP - Gatefold)

(Vinyl-1) Vocal AlbumA1 –David Guetta Where Them Girls At Featuring  Flo Rida, Nicki Minaj ..

23.95€ Sin Iva: 23.95€

Laurent Garnier "A Bout De Souffle Ep" (12")

A1Breathless11:00A2Wake Up7:38B1Go To Sleep9:06B2Wake Up (Baloo Mix)5:44..

13.95€ Sin Iva: 13.95€

Aphex Twin "Richard D. James Album" (LP - 180g)

A14A2Cornish AcidA3Peek 824545201A4FingerbibA5Carn MarthB1To Cure A Weakling ChildB2Goon GumpasB3Yel..

23.95€ Sin Iva: 23.95€

Kaytranda "99.9%" (2xLP - Gatefold + CD)

A1Track UnoA2Bus RideA3Got It GoodA4TogetherB5Drive Me CrazyB6Weight OffB7One Too ManyC8Despite The ..

29.95€ Sin Iva: 29.95€

Erasure ‎"The Neon Remixed" (2xLP)

A1SecretsA2Hey Now (Think I Got A Feeling) (Hifi Sean Remix)A3Nerves Of Steel (Andy Bell & Garet..

30.95€ Sin Iva: 30.95€

Glitterbox "Where Love Lives (Volume 2) (3xLP + poster)

A1 –The Shapeshifters Feat. Billy Porter Finally Ready (Dimitri From Paris TSOP - The Sound Of Paris..

33.95€ Sin Iva: 33.95€

Glitterbox - Where Love Lives (Volume 1) (3xLP + poster)

A1 –Dimitri From Paris x Fiorious Music Saved My Life (The Extended Discomix) A2 –Mike Dunn If I C..

33.95€ Sin Iva: 33.95€

André Galluzzi & Daniel Stefanik / Extrawelt ‎"20 Years Cocoon Recordings Ep 5" (12")

A1 –André Galluzzi & Daniel Stefanik The Regulator B1 –Extrawelt Murder Ballet..

16.95€ Sin Iva: 16.95€

Squarepusher ‎"Feed Me Weird Things" (2xLP + 10" + Booklet - 25th Anniversary Edition)

A1Squarepusher ThemeA2TundraA3The SwiftyB1Dimotane CoB2Smedleys MelodyB3Windscale 2C1North CircularC..

29.95€ Sin Iva: 29.95€

Westbam/ML "Famous Last Songs Vol.1" (2xLP - Gatefold)

A1Sky Is The Limit5:01A2Amazing5:05A3Wasteland5:27B1C est La Vie5:28B2Du Schneidest Mir Mein Herz Au..

25.95€ Sin Iva: 25.95€

Solomun ‎"Nobody Is Not Loved" (2xLP - Vinilos Color Blanco)

A1OceanA2HomeA3Your Love Gives Me GravityB1The Center Will Not HoldB2Out Of FocusB3Tuk TukC1Never Sl..

25.95€ Sin Iva: 25.95€

Goldie ‎"Inner City Life 2020" (12")

A1 –Inner City Life (2020 Remaster) A2 –Inner City Life (Binary State Remix) B1 –Inner City L..

17.95€ Sin Iva: 17.95€

Rise Black ‎"Phrase Rose" (12" EP)

A1Phrase RoseA2Russian SoulA3Танцуй сволочьB1Come Closer (Έλα Πιο Κοντά)B2Sergeant FritzB3I'm hurt a..

11.95€ Sin Iva: 11.95€

Jestofunk ‎"I'm Gonna Love You (Micky More & Andy Tee 12" Mix)" MIX) (12")

AI'm Gonna Love You (Micky More & Andy Tee 12" Mix)8:09BSpecial Love (Micky More & Andy Tee ..

18.95€ Sin Iva: 18.95€

St Germain "Tourist" (2xLP - 180g - Gatefold)

A1Rose Rouge6:56A2Montego Bay Spleen6:26B3So Flute8:28B4La Goutte D'Or6:19C5Sure Thing6:20C6Pont Des..

29.95€ Sin Iva: 29.95€

Paul Kalkbrenner ‎"Guten Tag" (2xLP - Gatefold)

A1Schnurbi0:57A2Der Stabsvörnern5:24A3Spitz-Auge5:17B1Globale Gehung1:06B2Das Gezabel6:02B3Vörnern-A..

24.95€ Sin Iva: 24.95€

Aphex Twin "Selected Ambient Works 85-92" (2xLP - Remastered)

A1Xtal4:51A2Tha9:01A3Pulsewidth3:47B1Ageispolis5:21B2I1:13B3Green Calx6:02B4Heliosphan4:51C1We Are T..

25.95€ Sin Iva: 25.95€

Azari & III ‎"Azari & III" (2xLP - Gatefold - color Transparente)

A1Into The NightA2Reckless (With Your Love)A3Tunnel VisionB1Lost In TimeB2IndigoB3ManhookerC1Infinit..

28.95€ Sin Iva: 28.95€

Moderat "Moderat" (LP)

A1A New Error6:07A2Rusty Nails4:32A3Seamonkey6:14A4Slow Match5:08A53 Minutes Of3:17A6Nasty Silence3:..

19.95€ Sin Iva: 19.95€

Disclosure "Caracal" (2xLP)

A1 Nocturnal A2 Omen A3 Holding On B1 Hourglass B2 Will..

27.95€ Sin Iva: 27.95€

Tensnake ‎"L.A." (2xLP)

A1Somebody ElseA2AutomaticA3Latching Onto YouA4AntibodiesB1World BeneathB2OvernightB3RulesB4Make You..

24.95€ Sin Iva: 24.95€

Armin Van Buuren "76" (2xLP - Vinilo Color Azul transparente)

A1 - Prodemium 2:05 A2 – Precious A3 – Yet Another Day A4 – Burned With Desire B1 – Blue F..

26.95€ Sin Iva: 26.95€

Armin van Buuren ‎"Intense" (2xLP)

A1 –Armin van Buuren f. Miri Ben-Ari Intense 8:47 A2 –Armin van Buuren f. Trevor Guthrie This Is Wh..

26.95€ Sin Iva: 26.95€

Rise Black ‎"Bad Robot" (12" - Color Verde)

A1 Alania A2 Caucassian UFOs A3 Bad Robot A4 Laser Gun B1 Alania B2 Cauc..

14.95€ Sin Iva: 14.95€

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