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Eric Clapton ‎"Nothing But The Blues" (2xLP - Gatefold)

PositionTitle/CreditsDurationA1Blues All Day4:20A2Standin' Round Crying4:52A3Forty-Four4:18A4It Hurt..

34.95€ Sin Iva: 34.95€

Kanye West ‎"Donda" (4xLP - Deluxe Limited Edition)

A1Donda ChantA2HurricaneA3MoonA4Life Of The PartyA5Off The GridB1JailB2Praise GodB3Come To LifeB4Bel..

59.95€ Sin Iva: 59.95€

System Of A Down ‎"Mezmerize" (LP)

PositionTitle/CreditsDurationA1Soldier Side - IntroA2B.Y.O.B.A3RevengaA4CigaroA5Radio / VideoA6This ..

24.95€ Sin Iva: 24.95€

Olivia Rodrigo "Sour" (LP - Gatefold - Baby Pink)

A1BrutalA2TraitorA3Drivers LicenseA41 Step Forward, 3 Steps BackA5Deja VuA6Good 4 UB1Enough For YouB..

26.95€ Sin Iva: 26.95€

Street Born - The Ultimate & Essential Guide To Hip Hop (2xLP - Limited Edition - 180g - Silver)

A1 Snoop Dogg Ft Dat Nigga Daz– Gin And Juice A2 Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel– White Lines (Do..

22.95€ Sin Iva: 22.95€

Zaz ‎"Zaz" (LP - 180g)

A1Les Passants3:33A2Je Veux3:37A3Le Long De La Route3:37A4La Fée2:53A5Trop Sensible4:00B1Prends Gard..

23.95€ Sin Iva: 23.95€

Ariana Grande ‎"My Everything" (LP - Gatefold)

A1Intro01:20A2Problem03:13A3One Last Time03:17A4Why Try03:31A5Break Free03:35A6Best Mistake03:53B7Be..

25.95€ Sin Iva: 25.95€

Pola & Bryson ‎"Lost In Thought" (2xLP)

A1When You Call (Intro)A224/7A3Night DawnsB1FloodgatesB2AlkalineB3WavesC1Dusk (Interlude)C2Dream Day..

27.95€ Sin Iva: 27.95€

The Jazz Album (2xLP)

PositionArtistsTitle/CreditsDurationA1–Dave BrubeckTake FiveA2–Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Cannonbal..

28.95€ Sin Iva: 28.95€

The Skeleton Key ‎"The Conjure" (12")

AThe Conjure (Steve Lawler Remix)BThe Conjure (Richard Dinsdale Remix)..

2.95€ Sin Iva: 2.95€

Sissy "I See You" (12")

A1I See You (David Trusz' Even When I'm Not Looking Mix)A2I See You (Steve Porter Remix)B1I See You ..

2.95€ Sin Iva: 2.95€

Chonga ‎"The Chonga EP" (12")

AMudwater Blues8:50BElectric Kung Fu Midnight8:32..

3.95€ Sin Iva: 3.95€

Sunkids Feat. Chance ‎"Rescue Me" (12")

ARescue Me (Bini & Martini '999' Funk Mix)7:40B1Rescue Me (Olav And Armin's Xcessive Wodkawaster..

3.95€ Sin Iva: 3.95€

PJ Davy ‎"What It's Worth / Sella Dor" (12")

PositionTitle/CreditsDurationAWhat It's WorthBSella Dor..

2.95€ Sin Iva: 2.95€

MWP ‎"In This House / Hermanos" (12")

A1In This House (Part 1)A2In This House (Part 2)B1Hermanos (Part 1)B2Hermanos (Part 2)..

8.95€ Sin Iva: 8.95€

E.B.E. "The Incidental Tourist" (12")

A1Held OverA2Held Over (Dub)BGoing Home..

19.95€ Sin Iva: 19.95€

Argy ‎"Night Ritual E.P." (12")

ANight Ritual5:47B1Poke Her Flat6:24B2Cry Like A Girl6:19..

3.95€ Sin Iva: 3.95€

Ice MC ‎"It's A Rainy Day" (12")

A1It's A Rainy Day (Euro Club Mix)6:52A2It's A Rainy Day (Radio Version)4:12A3It's A Rainy Day (Acap..

8.95€ Sin Iva: 8.95€

Terence Trent D'Arby ‎"Do You Love Me Like You Say?" (12")*

A1Do You Love Me Like You Say? (Rude Boy Dub)6:17A2Do You Love Me Like You Say? (Original Rude Boy M..

2.95€ Sin Iva: 2.95€

With It Guys Feat. Beverly "You And Me" (12")

A1You And Me (Extended Mix)6:00A2You And Me (7' Radio Mix)4:00A3You And Me (Dream Mix)4:36AA1You And..

2.95€ Sin Iva: 2.95€

Club House Feat. Carl "Light My Fire (Remixes)" (12")

A1Light My Fire (KM. 1972 Mix)6:14A2Light My Fire (R.A.F. Zone Mix)6:06B1Light My Fire (XXDub)6:20..

2.95€ Sin Iva: 2.95€

Irradiation "Radio Star" (12")

A1Radio Star (Proyection ACC)A2Radio Star (AD Proyection)B1Radio Star (Proyect Base)B2Radio Star (On..

15.95€ Sin Iva: 15.95€

K.U. ‎"Live Is Life" (12")

ALive Is Life (Maxi Version)6:02B1Live Is Life (Rap Version)6:28B2Live Is Life (Techno Version)6:35..

1.95€ Sin Iva: 1.95€

Max 'N' Frank Minoia With Melvin Hudson ‎"Rumors" (12")

A1Rumors (Body Mix)4:55A2Rumors (Italian Touch Mix)3:57B1Rumors (Analogique Mix)5:25B2Rumors (Played..

2.95€ Sin Iva: 2.95€

2 Unlimited ‎"No One" (12")

A1No One (Unlimited RMX - Extended)5:27A2No One (Extended)5:24B1No One (X-Out Remix)6:19B2No One (X-..

3.95€ Sin Iva: 3.95€

Crystal Waters ‎"Makin' Happy" (12")

PositionTitle/CreditsDurationAMakin' Happy (Hurley's Happy House Mix)6:22BMakin' Happy (Basement Boy..

1.95€ Sin Iva: 1.95€

Technotronic Feat. Reggie ‎"Work" (12")

A1Work (12" Remix)5:01A2Work (7" Remix)3:46B1Work It4:33B2Move That Body (New mix)4:46..

0.95€ Sin Iva: 0.95€

Luca Zeta ‎"State Of The Nation" (12")

A1State Of The Nation5:38A2State Of Zeta4:30..

9.95€ Sin Iva: 9.95€

Lalene ‎"The Best" (12")

AThe Best (Disco In Town Mix)5:25B1The Best (Radio Edit)3:30B2The Best (B.D.L. Beat Mix)5:35..

7.95€ Sin Iva: 7.95€

Bass Bumpers ‎"Good Fun" (12")

A1Good Fun (12" Power Mix)7:11A2Good Fun (7" Radio Mix)3:25B1Good Fun (Hard Attack Mix)7:02B2Good Fu..

1.95€ Sin Iva: 1.95€

Mo-Tune ‎"Infinite Climax" (12")

PositionTitle/CreditsDurationAInfinite Climax6:44B1Infinite Climax (Remix)5:22B2Metamorphase II7:04..

9.95€ Sin Iva: 9.95€

J.P. "Melody Party" (12")

PositionTitle/CreditsDurationA1Melody Party (Original)5:15A2Melody Party (House Version)5:10B1Psicho..

3.95€ Sin Iva: 3.95€

Zeta "Brains Sound" (12")

ANew Onex (Acid Mix)5:57B1Rendez-Vous 4 (Tribute)6:00B2Tool 4 Dub3:44..

17.95€ Sin Iva: 17.95€

Piky Boys ‎"Information" (12")

PositionTitle/CreditsDurationAInformation5:00B1Children's Song4:40B2Adobalo4:36..

4.95€ Sin Iva: 4.95€

Code-9 / Proxyma ‎"Atmosphere EP" (12")

A1Atmosphere (Hard)6:07A2Atmosphere (Original)5:33B1The Answer4:16B2Planet Of Harmonies6:40..

17.95€ Sin Iva: 17.95€

Infinity "Dirty Love" (12")

PositionTitle/CreditsDurationADirty Love (Directory Mix)5:30B1Dirty Love (Figures Mix)5:20B2Dirty Lo..

3.95€ Sin Iva: 3.95€

Nasen ‎"Give It Up" (12")

PositionTitle/CreditsDurationAGive It Up (Mulhouse Version)4:43B1Give It Up (Walzen Version)4:30B2Gi..

3.95€ Sin Iva: 3.95€

Snow "Informer" (12")

PositionTitle/CreditsDurationA1Informer (Album Mix)4:28A2Informer (Drum Mix)4:12B1Informer (Clark's ..

3.95€ Sin Iva: 3.95€

Ricardo F. Presents Chasis "Chasis" (12")

A1Chasis4:26A2Accapella0:10B1Chasis (Sin Chasis)4:24B2Segunda4:12..

7.95€ Sin Iva: 7.95€

The Night Writers "Let The Music Use You" (12")

ALet The Music Use You (92 Hardcore Remix)7:31AA1Let The Music Use You (Original Club Mix)8:10AA2Let..

15.95€ Sin Iva: 15.95€

Backstage "The Model" (12")

PositionTitle/CreditsDurationAThe Model (Club Version)5:13B1The Model (Alarma Remix)5:25B2The Model ..

7.95€ Sin Iva: 7.95€

DJ J.J.C.R. "Techno Remix" (12")

ATechno Remix7:14B1Techno Sex5:35B2Techno Remix (V. Radio)3:34..

8.95€ Sin Iva: 8.95€

Chill 'N' Force ‎"Move Raver" (12")

PositionTitle/CreditsDurationA1Move Raver (Celvin Rotane Mix)7:47A2Move Raver (Toya Mix)7:35B1Move R..

8.95€ Sin Iva: 8.95€

Vibeman (Part One) "The Vibe E.P." (12")

A1The Vibe E.P.5:10A2Down Vibe (Version)5:02B1Piano Vibe (Version)5:40B2A Bit More Vibe2:50..

4.95€ Sin Iva: 4.95€

Control "Move" (12")

PositionTitle/CreditsDurationAMove (Version Original Mix)BHouse Of The Big ...!..

17.95€ Sin Iva: 17.95€

Reel 2 Real Feat. The Mad Stuntman ‎"Conway" (12")

A1Conway (Eric Meets CZ 101 Mix)5:43A2Conway (Armand's Brooklyn Jungle Mix)6:00B1Conway (C*Y*B Mix)4..

1.95€ Sin Iva: 1.95€

System Activate ‎"Ans-Tro" (12")

A1Ans-Tro (Original Mix)6:35AA1Ans-Tro (Dub Version)5:57AA2Ans-Tro (Base)4:02..

7.95€ Sin Iva: 7.95€

Zagor ‎"Alarma" (12")

A1Alarma (Extended Mix)6:05B1Alarma (Radio Version)3:25B2Alarma (Instrumental)3:25..

3.95€ Sin Iva: 3.95€

The Jeyênne "Invasio Asiarum" (12")

A1Nippon Nippel II7:35A2Valvula2:35B1Kamikaze6:37B2Das Nippel6:41..

6.95€ Sin Iva: 6.95€

P.R.A.Y. "Marimorena" (12")

A1Marimorena (Long Version)B1Marimorena (Single Version)B2And The (Private Mix)..

1.95€ Sin Iva: 1.95€

Aquel Negrito ‎"Aquel Negrito" (12")

A1Aquel Negrito (Vocal Version)4:49A2Aquel Negrito (Instrumental Version)4:49B1Aquel Negrito (Comic'..

2.95€ Sin Iva: 2.95€

Fun 4 Me ‎"La Soledad" (12")

PositionTitle/CreditsDurationALa Soledad (High Speed Vocal)4:48BLa Soledad (High Speed Dub)4:48..

2.95€ Sin Iva: 2.95€

Natural Honey ‎"I Don't Feel (Remix)" (12")

A1I Don't Feel (Remix) (1:00 AM Joy Mix)6:06A2I Don't Feel (Remix) (S-Train Dub Mix)6:18B1I Don't Fe..

3.95€ Sin Iva: 3.95€

Cabballero ‎"Dancing With Tears In My Eyes" (12")

A1Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (Club Version)6:21A2Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (Alternative Versi..

3.95€ Sin Iva: 3.95€

Paolo Zerletti ‎"Re - Activated" (12")

PositionTitle/CreditsDurationOther SideAMad Made This5:00This SideB1Re - Activated3:50B2Re - Activat..

9.95€ Sin Iva: 9.95€

K.D.A. "Everybody Dancin'" (12")

AEverybody Dancin' (Dance)7:18BEverybody Dancin' (Signal Funky)6:20..

79.95€ Sin Iva: 79.95€

Code-3 ‎"Dark Voice EP" (12")


4.95€ Sin Iva: 4.95€

Double You ‎"Part-Time Lover" (12")

APart-Time Lover (Instinct Mix)6:20B1Part-Time Lover (Planet Mix)5:28B2Part-Time Lover (Radio Edit)3..

4.95€ Sin Iva: 4.95€

Carol Bailey ‎"Fever (Remixes By Alex Party)" (12")

1Fever (Alex Party Mix)5:242Fever (Alex Party Radio Edit)4:003Fever (Full On Mix)5:444Fever (Full On..

2.95€ Sin Iva: 2.95€

H.S.L. Feat. Lorna Rowe ‎"If You Believe" (12")

A1If You Believe (Solution Mix)6:07A2If You Believe (Original Mix)5:14B1If You Believe (Right Mix)6:..

1.95€ Sin Iva: 1.95€

2 Unlimited ‎"Twilight Zone" (12")

A1Twilight Zone (Rave Version)5:42A2Twilight Zone (Rapping Rave Version)5:40B1Twilight Zone (Not Eno..

2.95€ Sin Iva: 2.95€

Mikado "Feel The Bass" (12")

PositionTitle/CreditsDurationAFeel The Bass5:27B1Feel The Bass (Trance Edit)5:32B2A Lot Of Fun4:37..

8.95€ Sin Iva: 8.95€

Mach 4 ‎"Go Up!" (12")

PositionTitle/CreditsDurationA1Go Up!3:33A2Dirty Base3:31B1Betty Tracks4:10B2N.O.N. Stop4:54..

7.95€ Sin Iva: 7.95€

Deadly Sins ‎"Everybody's Dancing" (12")

A1Everybody's Dancing (Euro Mix)5:05A2Everybody's Dancing (Radio Mix)3:24AA1Everybody's Dancing (Mer..

3.95€ Sin Iva: 3.95€

The Act Feat. Clinton III ‎"In The Year 2525" (12")

A1In The Year 2525 (Club Mix)5:02A2In The Year 2525 (Didjery Mix)7:19B1In The Year 2525 (1992 Mix)4:..

2.95€ Sin Iva: 2.95€

Haddaway ‎"What Is Love (Remix)" (12")

AWhat Is Love (Eat-This-Mix)6:54B1What Is Love (Tour De Trance-Mix)6:00B2What Is Love (7"-Mix)4:27..

6.95€ Sin Iva: 6.95€

Double You ‎"Missing You" (12")

A1Missing You (Body Mix)A2Missing You Original MixAA1Missing You (Summer Remix)AA2Missing You (Notte..

2.95€ Sin Iva: 2.95€

Fast Forward "Negerlein E.P." (12")

A1Negerlein (On This Trip Mix)5:50A2Negerlein (J.P. Version)5:10B1Negerlein (In The House Mix)5:40B2..

4.95€ Sin Iva: 4.95€

Las Tortugas Ninja "Cantan En Español: Saliendo De Sus Caparazones" (LP)

A1Rap Del Tortugon3:50A2Baila Tortuga3:50A3Cuenta Con Nosotros = Count On Us (Dance Mix)4:07A4Salien..

6.95€ Sin Iva: 6.95€

Willie & Co. "If You Leave Me Now" (12")

A1If You Leave Me Now (Dance Mix)5:14A2If You Leave Me Now (Dub Cappella)3:15B1If You Leave Me Now (..

1.95€ Sin Iva: 1.95€

K-F.M. ‎"Time" (12")

PositionTitle/CreditsDurationATime (Club Time Mix)5:30BTime (Knock Knock Sound Mix)4:28..

2.95€ Sin Iva: 2.95€

David Moore "All By Myself" (12")

PositionTitle/CreditsDurationAAll By Myself5:50B1All Myself4:20B2All My Piano4:00..

2.95€ Sin Iva: 2.95€

Quadra Beat ‎"Mach Proy3ct I" (12")

AMach Proy3ct IB1Bactero WayB2Trance Bells..

8.95€ Sin Iva: 8.95€

Ricky Wilson ‎"People Have The Power" (12")

APeople Have The Power (Extended Mix)5:00B1People Have The Power (Club Mix)4:30B2People Have The Pow..

2.95€ Sin Iva: 2.95€

Co.Ro. Featuring Taleesa ‎"There's Something Going On / I Break Down And Cry" (12")

A1There's Something Going On (Powerfull Version)6:43A2I Break Down And Cry (B.D. Mix)4:45B1There's S..

1.95€ Sin Iva: 1.95€

Nas ‎"It Was Written" (CD)*

1Album Intro2:282The Message4:103Street Dreams4:414I Gave You Power3:565Watch Dem Niggas4:066Take It..

3.95€ Sin Iva: 3.95€

Tina Turner ‎"Nutbush City Limits" (CD)

1Nutbush City Limits (The 90's Version)3:432The Best (Edit)4:083Addicted To Love (Live)5:034Nutbush ..

3.95€ Sin Iva: 3.95€

Rafael Farina ‎"28 Exitos" (2xCD)

CD 11Mi salamanca4:062Vino amargo3:373Dinero y riquezas2:454Un fandango informativo1:205Tesoro de co..

9.95€ Sin Iva: 9.95€

Ana Torroja ‎"Como Sueñan Las Sirenas (Remixes By Pumpin' Dolls)" (CD - Card Sleeve)

1Como Sueñan Las Sirenas (Wet 'N' Pumpin' Mix)7:402Como Sueñan Las Sirenas (Rollercoaster Samba Club..

17.95€ Sin Iva: 17.95€

Alaska Y Dinarama ‎"Un Hombre De Verdad" (CD Single - Promo - Cardboard)

1Un Hombre De Verdad (Pumpin' Dolls 98' Edit)4:012Un Hombre De Verdad (Pumpin' Dolls S/M Club Mix)9:..

9.95€ Sin Iva: 9.95€

Lou Bega ‎"Mambo No.5 (A Little Bit Of...)" (CD)

1Mambo No.5 (A Little Bit Of...) (Radio Edit)3:392Mambo No.5 (A Little Bit Of...) (Extended Mix)5:14..

1.95€ Sin Iva: 1.95€

Latinos Pero Con Sabor (CD)

1–ManoleComo Una Reina5:132–Juan ManuelDejame Un Beso Que Me Dure Hasta El Lunes4:043–Raffy MatiasAm..

3.95€ Sin Iva: 3.95€

El Mejor Álbum De Música De Anuncios TV (2xCD)

1.1–Midge UreBreathe1.2–The ProclaimersI'm Gonna Be1.3–Steve HarleyMake Me Smile1.4–Tamba TrioMas Qu..

4.95€ Sin Iva: 4.95€

Werner Müller Y Su Orquesta "Strauss" (CD)

1Cuentos De Los Bosques De Viena = Tales From The Vienna Woods2Aceleraciones = Accelerations Waltz3R..

7.95€ Sin Iva: 7.95€

Sonique ‎"Hear My Cry" (CD)

1It Feels So Good4:012I Put A Spell On You3:333Are You Ready?4:314Cold And Lonely4:445Drama4:426Move..

2.95€ Sin Iva: 2.95€

Morcheeba ‎"Parts Of The Process" (CD)

1The Sea5:492Tape Loop (Shortcheeba Mix)3:503Otherwise3:444Blindfold4:385Be Yourself3:146Part Of The..

1.95€ Sin Iva: 1.95€

Academia Operación Triunfo ‎"Singles Gala 12" (CD - ed. Limitada)

1–Manu TenorioFlor De Lis (Flor De Liz)3:212–RosaAusencia (Adagio)4:063–Nuria FergóCon Los Años Que ..

3.95€ Sin Iva: 3.95€

Academia Operación Triunfo ‎"Singles Gala 10" (CD - ed. Limitada)

1–David BisbalY, ¿Si Fuera Ella?3:332–ChenoaLast Dance3:153–NuriaAcuarela (Aquarela)3:314–Rosa Y Man..

3.95€ Sin Iva: 3.95€

Zizi Possi ‎"Bossa" (CD)

1Preciso Dizer Que Te Amo2Yesterday3Saberas Que Te Quiero4Qualquer Hora5Capim6Caminhos Cruzados7Yo T..

4.95€ Sin Iva: 4.95€

Celtic Roots (15 Haunting Irish Airs) (CD)

1Lord Of The Dance2:372The Cliffs Of Dooneen3:073Mise Eire2:364Riverdance3:135Carrickfergus3:046Dann..

2.95€ Sin Iva: 2.95€

Julián Arcas, María Esther Guzmán ‎"Fantasía 'El Paño'" (CD)

1Fantasía Sobre "El Paño", O Sea "El Punto de la Habana"6:072El Sueño de Rosellén3:533Polaca Fantást..

5.95€ Sin Iva: 5.95€

Montepulciano ‎"You're Always Welcome At Club Montepulciano" (CD)

1Introduction...2Vermouth3Cooking For Compliments4'Ola Chica5Sugar Daddy6Leather Lane7Continental Bo..

3.95€ Sin Iva: 3.95€

Los Aguafiestas ‎"Carnaval de Cádiz" (CD)

01Tranquilo02Así buscas03Yo no soy04Estando de servicio..

9.95€ Sin Iva: 9.95€

El Monstruo Del Verano (4xCD)

Nºs 1 En Radio1-1–VariousEl Monstruo Del Verano Medley8:591-2–Latin.comFriends Are Friends3:481-3–To..

6.95€ Sin Iva: 6.95€

Wave: The Antonio Carlos Jobim Songbook (CD))

1–Antonio Carlos JobimWave2:502–Ella FitzgeraldSó Danço Samba (Jazz Samba)5:483–Joe Henderson with H..

7.95€ Sin Iva: 7.95€

Members Of The Penguin Cafe Orchestra "Music From The Penguin Cafe" (CD)

1Penguin Cafe Single6:15Zopf2aFrom The Colonies (For N.R.)1:382bIn A Sydney Motel2:282cSurface Tensi..

5.95€ Sin Iva: 5.95€

Aladdín (Banda Sonora En Español) (CD)*

1Si A Arabia Tú Vas (Arabian Nights)01:192La Leyenda De La Lámpara (Legend Of The Lamp)01:253El Rey ..

6.95€ Sin Iva: 6.95€

Academia Operación Triunfo ‎"Operación Triunfo: Álbum" (2xCD)

1-1–Academia Operación TriunfoMi Música Es Tu Voz1-2–Academia Operación Triunfo Con RosanaEn Navidad..

5.95€ Sin Iva: 5.95€

Sandra Cabrera ‎"Andares de Reina" (CD)

1Habla Con Los Ojos2Puentecito3Arriero4Carceleras Del Puerto5Andares De Reina6Veneno En Tu Pelo7Solo..

7.95€ Sin Iva: 7.95€

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